Evernote Notebooks Backup

Submitted by:Jhon Brain

Date added:05 December, 2013


AppleScript Source Code for Evernote Notebooks Backup

Tags: evernote backup , notebook backup

Code Snippet:

Script to backup your Evernote notes.
Each notebook is backed up to a seperate file with the same name as the notebook

Change the contents of backupFolder to your chosen backup location

Please feel free to use or amend this script as you wish.

No warrenty or guarantee is given or implied, you use this script entirely at your own risk.
with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds
tell application "Evernote"
set backupFolder to "/Users/UserName/Evernote/"
set allNotebooks to every notebook
repeat with currentNoteBook in allNotebooks
set notebookName to (the name of currentNoteBook)
set allNotes to every note in notebook notebookName
set exportFilename to (backupFolder & notebookName & ".enex")

export allNotes to exportFilename
end repeat
end tell
end timeout