Get All-Time Number of MySQL Queries

Submitted by:J Kamy81

Date added:29 December, 2018


PHP code example to get All-Time Number of MySQL Queries

Tags: time , number

Code Snippet:


if (!$handle)
die("No connection to database");

echo 'Total number of all-time mysql-queries: '.getTotalNumberOfMySQLQuerys();

//Returns integer-value of the total number of alltime mysql-calls that have been made
function getTotalNumberOfMySQLQuerys()
//global mysql-status containing the number of querys has been renamed in newer versions of mysql

//contact helper-function to receive the mysql-version
if ($mysqlVersion()>=50002)
$sql="SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'Questions'";
$sql="SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Questions'";

$result=@mysql_query( $sql );
$row=@mysql_fetch_array( $result );
return $row['Value'];

//helper function is needed to detect the exact mysql-version
function getMysqlVersion()
$sql = 'SELECT VERSION() AS versionsinfo';
$result = @mysql_query('SELECT VERSION() AS versionsinfo');
$version = @mysql_result( $result, 0, "versionsinfo" );
$match = explode('.',$version);
return sprintf('%d%02d%02d',$match[0],$match[1],intval($match[2]));