HTML5 Article Structure with hNews

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Date added:16 February, 2011


HTML5 Article Structure with hNews

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<article class="hentry">
<h1 class="entry-title">But Will It Make You Happy?</h1>
<time class="updated" datetime="2010-08-07 11:11:03-0400" pubdate>08-07-2010</time>
<p class="byline author vcard">
By <span class="fn">Stephanie Rosenbloom</span>

<div class="entry-content">
<p>...article text...</p>
<p>...article text...</p>

<img src="tammy-strobel.jpg" alt="Portrait of Tammy Strobel" />
<figcaption>Tammy Strobel in her pared-down, 400sq-ft apt.</figcaption>

<p>...article text...</p>
<p>...article text...</p>

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<div class="entry-content-asset">
<a href="photo-full.png">
<img src="photo.png" alt="The objects Tammy removed from her life after moving" />

<p>...article text...</p>
<p>...article text...</p>

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A version of this article appeared in print on August 8,
2010, on page BU1 of the New York edition.
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