Merge two strings

Submitted by:Jhon Smith

Date added:19 April, 2015


Merges two strings in a way that a pattern like ABABAB will be the result.

Tags: merge strings , string function

Code Snippet:

* @param string $str1 String A
* @param string $str2 String B
* @return string Merged string
function MergeBetween($str1, $str2){

// Split both strings
$str1 = str_split($str1, 1);
$str2 = str_split($str2, 1);

// Swap variables if string 1 is larger than string 2
if (count($str1) >= count($str2))
list($str1, $str2) = array($str2, $str1);

// Append the shorter string to the longer string
for($x=0; $x < count($str1); $x++)
$str2[$x] .= $str1[$x];

return implode('', $str2);