Access Data Source Snippets

05 November, 2013   

Apache code example to limit access by IP address

21 January, 2013   

VB code to add data using access

Example Apache .htaccess file to add access control header

Source code for Binary tree creation, traversal and search

31 October, 2011   

Declarations: Option Explicit On Imports System.Data.OleDb

07 August, 2014   

All hints except /*+ rule */ cause the CBO to be used. Therefore, it is good practise to analyze the underlying tables if hints are used (or the query is fully hinted.

25 March, 2012   

when clicked on button it will open your source code

30 January, 2013   

JQueryUI Search Auto complete Jump Menu with data from remote URL

09 November, 2017   

Copies Source file to Dest file, preserving modification date. Required units: Classes, SysUtils.

07 March, 2011   

Shows how to upload a single file to a FTP server.

17 April, 2013   

This code only works in Firefox and Chrome

The pyperl dist provide an interface to the Perl DBI ( This allow direct access to all the perl supported databases from python. Full documentation of the API from 'perldoc DBI' or the ORA "Programming the Perl DBI" book, by A. Descartes and T. Bunce.

20 August, 2011   

Source code for C++ program printing various data to the console.

05 December, 2012   

Instead of providing a traditional address to the image, the image file data is base64-encoded and stuffed within the src attribute. Doing so saves a network request for each image, and prevent exposure of directory paths. Please note that IE7 and below are not compatibles with data URIs.

10 November, 2014   

Easy way to parses RSS into an array

28 October, 2014   

Quick and simple example to parses RSS into an array

18 December, 2014   

Example code for locking table. when a user modifies data through a transaction, that data is locked by that transaction until the transaction is committed or rolled back.

How to display the source code of any webpage. you can use below example code

Two simple functions to read an write tab seperated files (like CSV files, etc).

20 July, 2013   

Source code for Flash XHTML valid