Action Script Snippets

Confirm a deletion (or any action) with Javascript.

10 August, 2011   

Url Encode is a technique employed in order to convert a string used in a URL into a valid URL forma and decode url

27 April, 2014   

Code example for tracking email response

03 August, 2013   

ColdFusion code for upload files to directory

07 December, 2011   

Php code to guessing a number using in html page

Have you ever wanted to know how much memory one of your PHP scripts uses when it runs? You might want this information if your script has a memory leak or takes a long time to execute. If that's the case then there's a great built-in function called memory_get_usage, which will display the exact amount of memory being used by your script. This...

26 January, 2012   

A code example of JScript XSLT Script Block

08 January, 2014   

Simple Python IRC bot by Berend.

26 November, 2011   

In jQuery $ is an alias for jQuery, so you can use jQuery() for accessing the jQuery methods. The following code example shows how you can use other libraries with jQuery:

13 November, 2012   

Creating and maintaining an effective JavaScript toolbox can greatly reduce development time. This script will show you how to include specific snippet modules on individual pages.

Internal Mail System or private messaging system. Easy to embed into your own projects.

13 October, 2012   

Code example to show current date and time

05 February, 2014   

We created a slide show that allowed the user to move through an array of images.

19 October, 2011   

An example to display Dynamic Date

22 November, 2011   

JavaScript Code to display Dynamic Date

15 September, 2012   

This will perform the action of deleting many files.

16 June, 2012   

You can use JavaScript window.location to redirect a visitor to a required page. You may have seen this feature used by sites with full page ads, or to redirect visitors to the site's new domain name. You can add also a timer to the script that will allow the page to redirect and the visitors will not need to click a link or type in the new URL.

29 January, 2011   

Cufon 101

23 April, 2011   

Below is a basic feedback form script 'feedback.asp'. You can add your own validation. Once the visitor has filled in all the form textfields an email will be sent with the feedback details including the date and time and the visitor's IP address to the email specified in the script.

How to add jQuery and Snippet to your HTML document