Append Site Snippets

28 January, 2011   

Append Site Overlay DIV

Python functions are naturally polymorphic on their arguments, and checking argument types loses polymorphism

If you've ever discovered that someone has linked to your web site within a frame, which means your site is stuck in their frame with their information displaying within another frame, you know how frustrating this can be. You want your visitors to visit your web site within their standard browser window - not within another web site's frame....

29 December, 2012   

Example MySql code to append Data to Field in MySql

Javascript append function "DOM Append Text and Element Functions"

17 December, 2012   

Example code for Add javascript in VB.Net and C#

26 July, 2012   

Java code example to append text to file in Java

02 February, 2013   

Example code for Generic Array To String Function

Append Non-Breaking Space Between Last Two Words

13 June, 2011   

Providing your visitors with a way to add your web site to their favorite places provides a great way to obtain repeat traffic. This is a great way to increase your overall traffic and sales, as they can visit your web site again and again. However, to obtain repeat traffic, you must continually update your content and give your visitors a...

28 June, 2016   

JavaScript code example for Parse Zapier apps list

To get a user count the code below goes in your "global.asa" file which needs to go in the root of your web site. You web site must be properly set up as an application in IIS for this file to fire and do it's thing.

Place the following code where you would like the button to appear.

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

13 August, 2011   

Although there really isn't any foolproof way to protect your web page content, this JavaScript will discourage the more novice Internet users from copying your content. An alert box will appear displaying your copyright information when the right mouse button is clicked. However, this script will not completely protect your content from more...

The JavaScript is just a function called redirect, and is requesting that a variable be passed to it.

If you're looking for a great way to enable your visitors to navigate your web site, this JavaScript drop down box with automatic redirect may be what you're looking for. This JavaScript code will enable your visitors to click on a drop down box to select the location on your web site in which they would like to navigate. Once they make their...

JavaScript Code example to protect Your Web Page Content

10 April, 2012   

Protect your web page content with JavaScript code

15 September, 2012   

This script shows how to redirect to a specific site.