Approximation Method Snippets

15 September, 2012   

This will perform the action of deleting many files.

07 December, 2011   

Php code to guessing a number using in html page

In Delphi, procedural types (method pointers) allow you to treat procedures and functions as values that can be assigned to variables or passed to other procedures and functions. Here's how to call a function (or procedure) as a parameter of another function (or procedure) : Declare the function (or procedure) that will be used as a...

02 June, 2011   

This is your most basic version of an image CAPTCHA.

HTML Form using php code that accepts mail related information

04 May, 2011   

Take a JPG image, and convert it to ASCII code!

16 January, 2013   

Example for adding items into combo by using Win32 API. Written by Nir Sofer

08 February, 2011   

Example Form Markup

07 April, 2013   

A simple example code for user login with a login form and database query

13 April, 2013   

How to resize an image to fit in a desired space.

10 August, 2011   

Url Encode is a technique employed in order to convert a string used in a URL into a valid URL forma and decode url

14 March, 2012   

To find the solutions to the 8 queens puzzle. The puzzle asks "How can you place 8 Queens on a chess board so that no Queen can attack any other queen?" By: Richard Lindsay

23 April, 2011   

Below is a basic feedback form script 'feedback.asp'. You can add your own validation. Once the visitor has filled in all the form textfields an email will be sent with the feedback details including the date and time and the visitor's IP address to the email specified in the script.

24 July, 2016   

Dynamically add form fields to your forms.

09 June, 2014   

JavaScript code for click to edit a table cell inline.

Note that to add a new column to the query, just add in an input box to the HTML, the PHP generates an insert for each field.

Flex: My First Flex / Facebook Application by chrisaiv

15 December, 2012   

Allows you monitor how many times a link/image/banner is clicked.

13 June, 2013   

Allows you yo monitor how many times a link/image/banner is clicked, also allows you to diguise affiliate links. Consists of 1 small PHP file and is very easy to use.

Internal Mail System or private messaging system. Easy to embed into your own projects.