Asp Net Application Snippets

15 May, 2012   

VB.NET Code example to add dynamic css file in header

Five different ways to get the computer name in ASP.NET

06 October, 2012   

Code for dynamic add css file in header

29 December, 2011   

ASP code example for a random link, each time you load the page, it will display one of two links: OR Xentrik Snippets.

To get a user count the code below goes in your "global.asa" file which needs to go in the root of your web site. You web site must be properly set up as an application in IIS for this file to fire and do it's thing.

05 December, 2013   

AppleScript to send URL from Mac browser to Prowl (iOS)

An example code how to define and use asp:AccessDataSource

Below example showing how to define and use asp:AccessDataSource

Note: The ASP.Net RadioButtons must be set with exact same GroupName property in order to make them mutually exclusive.

12 May, 2012   

How to prevent users from selecting past or previous day dates in ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit CalendarExtender control. Author of this code is Mudassar Khan

Optimize your website loading time by compressing files into smaller size.

06 February, 2012   

ASP Forms and User Input from HTML form

29 December, 2011   

ASP code example to redirect the user to a different URL.

How to create a splash screen for slow loading apps. below shown a Delphi code example

Usually when you try to download something from a web server you get a request asking whether you want to save the file or open it. To avoid that you can use the below code on your .htaccess file

25 February, 2013   

AppleScript code example for clicking menu items

05 April, 2014   

PHP code to take web screenshots. You can get your application key and secret by registering at

17 July, 2013   

Using AppleScript Clicking menu items

20 May, 2013   

Clicking menu items using AppleScript

11 May, 2013   

ASP code example using a 301 redirect