Automatic Mailto Links Snippets

12 March, 2017   

PHP code snippet for Automatic Mailto Links

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

07 February, 2011   

Automatic Copyright Year

jQuery example to prevent Anchor Links from Loading

CSS code to highlight links that open in a new window

HTML Form using php code that accepts mail related information

Automatically Discover Document Links And Apply Class

MS SQL triggers for automatic Create and LastModified Dates

17 November, 2011   

An example HTML <address> Tag

If you're looking for a great way to enable your visitors to navigate your web site, this JavaScript drop down box with automatic redirect may be what you're looking for. This JavaScript code will enable your visitors to click on a drop down box to select the location on your web site in which they would like to navigate. Once they make their...

CSS code example for different colors to visited/unvisited links

07 September, 2017   

CSS Code for Common Unicode Icons

11 December, 2011   

CSS code example to use of text-decoration on links

15 March, 2015   

How to automize versioning by modifying a line in the AssemblyInfo file.

Sometimes you need to generate passwords for customers automatically when a new account is created. This code allows you choose the desired length and strength for the password and it is very flexible.

02 June, 2012   

This code removes all special characters from the given URL and make it SEO friendly.

Several hundred user notes on the str_replace page later, and we have a function that provides a variety of text highlighting options for plaintext or HTML strings.

jQuery example code for extract hyperlinks with specific href

Of course, this must be encapsulated and taken to a much higher abstraction level (something like wshGetSpecialFolder [folderName] and wshCreateLink args...)

29 December, 2011   

ASP code example for a random link, each time you load the page, it will display one of two links: OR Xentrik Snippets.