Background Colors Snippets

13 November, 2012   

Use this snippet to let your visitors change the background color of your Web page. Combined with a cookie, the setting could follow them through your whole site.

08 December, 2012   

Full screen background image using pure CSS3.

22 May, 2013   

Example code shows how to draw a Linear Gradient

PHP code for current Month/Day/Date with HTML colors & formatting.

11 October, 2012   

Python code example for Grid made by Label and Entry

18 February, 2012   

CSS code example for a background image repeat vertically (y-axis), horizontally (x-axis), in both directions, or in neither direction.

18 October, 2012   

HTML style example code for background color

20 March, 2012   

HTML code example for Style HTML elements

CSS Code example : how to repeat a background image only horizontally.

15 April, 2013   

CSS Code for Pure Rollover

CSS code example for different colors to visited/unvisited links

16 April, 2012   

CSS code example for Gradient Underlines

02 February, 2011   

The set height and width ensure only a portion of the sprite.png graphic is shown. The rollover shifts the position of the background image, revealing a different area of the graphic.

Scribble an applet of intermediate complexity, used as an example in the introductory chapter. Click and scribble in the window.

26 April, 2012   

Code for Table Row Highlight By JavaScript

24 November, 2011   

Advanced background example by CSS

08 February, 2012   

CSS code example for Image Preloading

18 February, 2012   

How to use CSS Inline in html page

A bug seems to occur when you add a negative margin to a list item in IE6. The background image applied to the list item gets repeated randomly and generally messes up. Add this little gem to your head to fix the problem. Remember to change the id tag to your own.

15 March, 2011   

Some people are unaware that it is possible to change the color when you highlight text in your browser. It is so easy to with two selectors; just be careful you don’t ruin your site with it.