Border Snippets

You may add rounded corners to your CSS3-based elements, like a border or button. You can change the radius to increase or decrease the rounding of the corners. This is a styles definition rounding of each corner, it lets you individually round each of the 4 corners (still not supported in IE).

09 November, 2011   

How to set style of borders. here shown an example.

10 October, 2013   

CSS code for individual rounded corners. A longer base with each corner radius broken down into a different property.

09 November, 2011   

Here an example how to set the width of the four borders

05 January, 2012   

A simple dashed border effect by CSS

The code includes the CSS which you can add to your stylesheet and please note a class has been added to the table tag.

02 August, 2015   

Useful and simple css navigation menu bar.

05 January, 2012   

You need to nest one element inside the other to add full length side border using images

Python code example for Grid made by the Label with Raised border

CSS code example how to custom File Input Styling in WebKit/Blink

13 April, 2017   

From the v8 design of CSS-Tricks

14 December, 2013   

The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on.

30 August, 2012   

CSS code example for stylish submit buttons

30 March, 2013   

Example HTML code to draw a border around form-data

03 April, 2013   

Nice little search form snippet using HTML and CSS

27 March, 2013   

CSS code for table-layout property using an example code in html page.

16 January, 2011   

One of the most common mistakes I see beginners and intermediates fall victim to when it comes to CSS is not removing the default browser styling. This leads to inconsistencies in the appearance of your design across browsers, and ultimately leaves a lot of designers blaming the browser. It is a misplaced blame, of course. Before you do anything...

Sometimes it's desirable to change a style of the first and/or last elements in a container. You can do this by manually applying classes to your HTML elements: ("last-child" still not supported in IE8).

28 November, 2011   

An example of scroll box that used to view a image

09 June, 2014   

JavaScript code for click to edit a table cell inline.