Buffer Cache Snippets

27 September, 2014   

How to measure the Buffer Cache Hit Ratio. Note that hit ratio based tuning is not recommended.

07 December, 2014   

Note that hit ratio based tuning is not recommended.

09 August, 2015   

Handy routine to display the database's SGA statistics.

17 July, 2018   

This function takes a string and an output buffer and a desired width.

28 February, 2013   

This function takes a string and an output buffer and a desired width.

13 March, 2011   

This code convert String to Hexadecimal

06 February, 2013   

Delphi code for String to Hexadecimal

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

30 August, 2011   

This snippet to show how to use the Last-Modified and the ETag header to optimize the caching of a website. If used correctly this will speed up your page loads.

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Random Quotes

Two objects are included here, a reader and a parser. All you need to do is instantiate the xmlParser object and let it do the job for you. nextToken() will return the next token, which can be a tag or the text between 2 tags. the isTag() will determine if this is a tag so you can do something smart with it. Lastly you can jumpTo($tagname) if...

04 August, 2012   

The GetIEFavourites function called from the OnClick event of a button returns a list of all the favorites from your Internet Explorer in a ListBox.

07 August, 2014   

All hints except /*+ rule */ cause the CBO to be used. Therefore, it is good practise to analyze the underlying tables if hints are used (or the query is fully hinted.

18 March, 2013   

Assembly code example for buffer alignment calculator

Converts the given floating-point value to a zero-terminated string. The supplied buffer should be large enough to accommodate the converted value. The value includes a decimal point and possiblesign and exponent information, plus a terminating null character, which is appended automatically. Returns: a pointer to zero-terminated...

C++ Example code to convert a real number to the string

29 October, 2011   

Here shown an example how to Compress CSS with PHP

27 May, 2013   

Example shows here how to compress CSS with PHP

27 July, 2013   

A dynamic output array by C++ Code

Source code for Validate Longitudinal Redundancy Checksum