Calculate Directory Snippets

This is a PHP Class that calculates the size, number of files & folders of a specific directory.

When developing applications that need to operate on files and directories it is a common task to, for example, get the list of all sub-directories for a given directory.

This function will not recurs subdirectories - it will only return a list of sub folder on the "first" level.

19 October, 2013   

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Normally index.html or index.php is the default page a server serves up when visiting a directory without specifying a file name. You can change this with .htaccess:

05 November, 2012   

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03 August, 2013   

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11 August, 2013   

Returns the given directory with a trailing backslash. If the directory already ends in backslash it is returned unchanged.

17 October, 2011   

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03 August, 2013   

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18 September, 2013   

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26 April, 2015   

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23 August, 2014   

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