Change Gradient Snippets

16 April, 2012   

CSS code example for Gradient Underlines

CSS code example for Diagonal Graph Paper Gradient

02 August, 2012   

CSS Clay Bricks Menu by Dynamic Drive

12 March, 2013   

Delphi code example to draw a gradient line

22 May, 2013   

Example code shows how to draw a Linear Gradient

CSS code example how to custom File Input Styling in WebKit/Blink

The following code snippet paints a gradient between 2 colors on the entire form. It uses Win32 API in order to get the best performances. 'You can change the colors of the gradient by changing the RGB values passed to PaintGradient function. Written by Nir Sofer

13 November, 2012   

Use this snippet to let your visitors change the background color of your Web page. Combined with a cookie, the setting could follow them through your whole site.

03 August, 2013   

Example shows bash code to change CWD to file's directory

29 August, 2011   

Be careful that these boxes aren't sitting within another element that has a background, otherwise the negative z-index values (required for this to work) will force the shadows underneath that and not show up.

07 April, 2011   

Here are the code for Page Curl Shadows in CSS

Change Date from dd/mm/yyyy to yyyy-dd-mm

07 April, 2012   

CSS code to change Text Selection Color

16 March, 2013   

CSS code example to change Text Selection Color

21 February, 2011   

Change Text Selection Color

jQuery code example to show content based on select option.

When placed in startup scripts, this snippet activates every time user opens a file. It then traverses the directory path backwards and looks for user created project folders. If one is found, script offers to switch it on. This is very useful when working with a number of projects at a time.

This PHP script will get the day of the week from the server date and then display an image (jpg or gif) to match.

13 April, 2017   

From the v8 design of CSS-Tricks

03 January, 2013   

Choose a color scheme as found in the Display control panel applet