Character Snippets

08 June, 2013   

Checks if the given character is a valid ASCII character.

Here is code to emove a specific character from the end of a Excel cell. Replace 'A1' with the cell and '-' with the character you want to remove. I found it very useful.

To produce a random character from a specific list of characters (for example 'x', 'y' or 'z')

Copy the declarations and code below and paste directly into your VB project.

This is a very common PHP question of HOW TO remove last character from string in PHP. Find below some ways how to delete last character from string in PHP.

11 October, 2018   

C++Code Snippets to Write a character using cout

JavaScript code snippet to Remove the Last Character from a String

I would like to find the position of the last occurrence of a character in a string and print every thing after that.

This code is used for getting the ansi value of a character

C++ source code for standard ASCII table generator

Source code for Validate Longitudinal Redundancy Checksum

17 July, 2018   

This function takes a string and an output buffer and a desired width.

28 February, 2013   

This function takes a string and an output buffer and a desired width.

Converts the given floating-point value to a zero-terminated string. The supplied buffer should be large enough to accommodate the converted value. The value includes a decimal point and possiblesign and exponent information, plus a terminating null character, which is appended automatically. Returns: a pointer to zero-terminated...

C++ Example code to convert a real number to the string

This stored sql procedure is used to replace a special character (or string) of your field with another string.

29 January, 2011   

all: Used for all media type devices aural: Used for speech and sound synthesizers braille: Used for braille tactile feedback devices embossed: Used for paged braille printers handheld: Used for small or handheld devices print: Used for printers projection: Used for projected presentations, like slides screen: Used for computer screens tty: Used...

28 June, 2012   

Function to generate soundex code for any string (usually a name). Conforms to Knuth's algorithm and the common Perl implementation.

30 January, 2013   

JQueryUI Search Auto complete Jump Menu with data from remote URL

The .NET Framework doesn't support automatic detection of character encoding in the default file I/O methods. This is a quick function that returns True in the specified file is Unicode.