Check If Client Is Using Shared Internet Or Not Snippets

if client is on shared internet, returns true if client is not on shared internet, returns false

25 May, 2013   

PHP code for how to get Remote IP Address

Delphi code to check you are connected to the Internet

Here's how to check whether you are connected to the Internet.

26 November, 2015   

Show the currently active processes.

19 February, 2011   

Detect Internet Explorer

Note that you must include the unit ExtActns in the uses clause.

07 September, 2014   

The "WITH CHECK OPTION" is used to indicate that Oracle will prevent any changes to the table or view that would produce rows that are not included in the subquery. When used in the subquery of a DML statement, you can specify this clause in a subquery in the FROM clause but not in subquery in the WHERE clause.

PHP & Mysql based code to Print table with client-side sorting function.

20 August, 2014   

Javascript function to check or uncheck all the checkboxes in a form.

09 August, 2015   

Handy routine to display the database's SGA statistics.

07 February, 2011   

Check if Number is Even/Odd

02 June, 2011   

This will check an email, to see if it is in a valid format.

13 February, 2011   

Check for Empty Elements

12 February, 2015   

JS sniffer detects browser and OS.

29 March, 2012   

ASP code example to check reciprocal link

23 September, 2011   

ASP code snippet to check Reciprocal Link

08 October, 2014   

JavaScript code to detect browser and OS.

02 August, 2014   

JavaScript code to detects browser and OS

13 February, 2011   

Check if Checkbox is Checked