Check Option Snippets

07 September, 2014   

The "WITH CHECK OPTION" is used to indicate that Oracle will prevent any changes to the table or view that would produce rows that are not included in the subquery. When used in the subquery of a DML statement, you can specify this clause in a subquery in the FROM clause but not in subquery in the WHERE clause.

28 January, 2012   

JavaScript Code example to choose a page and Jump

06 May, 2013   

Code example for Month Day Year Dropdown

The JavaScript is just a function called redirect, and is requesting that a variable be passed to it.

This is an example for Form Based Query

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Jump Menu

If you're looking for a great way to enable your visitors to navigate your web site, this JavaScript drop down box with automatic redirect may be what you're looking for. This JavaScript code will enable your visitors to click on a drop down box to select the location on your web site in which they would like to navigate. Once they make their...

08 February, 2011   

Example Form Markup

20 August, 2014   

Javascript function to check or uncheck all the checkboxes in a form.

21 December, 2013   

Great page for testing the style guide for a website.

07 February, 2011   

Check if Number is Even/Odd

02 June, 2011   

This will check an email, to see if it is in a valid format.

13 February, 2011   

Check for Empty Elements

jQuery code example to show content based on select option.

29 March, 2012   

ASP code example to check reciprocal link

23 September, 2011   

ASP code snippet to check Reciprocal Link

26 November, 2012   

Example code for smarty Loop for x to y with no array

18 February, 2013   

A C++ algorithm which encrypts an alphanumeric password.

The IsFileInUse Delphi function will return true if the file is locked for exclusive access. False is returned if the file does not exist. Code "flow": Two things need to be checked here: A) Is the file a READ-ONLY file? and B) Is the file in use? The main point of the excercise is to check the files attributes for the READ-ONLY...

03 April, 2011   

Often when working on scripts alert boxes are placed inside loops as a debugging tool. You can sometimes end up with hundreds of alert boxes and no way to stop them. This script placed at the start of your code will give you an option to disable the alert boxes after a pre-determined number set by you.