Clicking Menu Items Using Applescript Snippets

25 February, 2013   

AppleScript code example for clicking menu items

17 July, 2013   

Using AppleScript Clicking menu items

20 May, 2013   

Clicking menu items using AppleScript

13 December, 2011   

You can use to find and replace text in a variable. This script created by Bruce Phillips, one of the leading posters at MacScripter.

04 July, 2011   

Here are the Python code Checkbox menu

This Applescript take the selected file in Finder and open it with Sublime Text 2 (~/bin/subl). Using Alfred you can bind a global hotkey for this script, so you can edit your files with just a keypress, without worrying about the default editor.

16 January, 2013   

Example for adding items into combo by using Win32 API. Written by Nir Sofer

02 August, 2015   

Useful and simple css navigation menu bar.

02 August, 2012   

CSS Clay Bricks Menu by Dynamic Drive

AppleScript Snippet to show hidden files in Terminal

02 August, 2012   

An example of a horizontal CSS menu

A Template for building OpenGL applications using GLUT.

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Jump Menu

30 January, 2013   

JQueryUI Search Auto complete Jump Menu with data from remote URL

22 February, 2016   

C/C++ source code for euler approximation method

Delphi code to display the screen size and the list of fonts

25 February, 2013   

AppleScript code example to restart Django development server

07 March, 2013   

This simple and handy jQuery filter return a single random item from a selection of items. Credit to Waldek Mastykarz

13 December, 2011   

Chooses a pre-determined playlist from your iTunes library

If you want to react on user maximizing or minimizing a Delphi form, use the code.