Color Scheme Snippets

03 January, 2013   

Choose a color scheme as found in the Display control panel applet

31 January, 2012   

Use this CSS code for frame borders and write below code between head tags

11 February, 2012   

JavaScript Code to change the color of the scroll bar

The four link states should always be listed in that order, like so:

16 March, 2013   

CSS code example to change Text Selection Color

07 April, 2012   

CSS code to change Text Selection Color

21 February, 2011   

Change Text Selection Color

22 March, 2012   

An example CSS code for Link Pseudo-Classes (In Order)

24 November, 2012   

Color header for Windows that integrates with count source code

15 March, 2011   

Some people are unaware that it is possible to change the color when you highlight text in your browser. It is so easy to with two selectors; just be careful you don’t ruin your site with it.

18 October, 2012   

HTML style example code for background color

13 December, 2012   

A variety of snazzy CSS typography effects.

An example of Strict Textmate Template

14 January, 2013   

This is a simple example of an embedded stylesheet.

20 November, 2012   

An example of embedded stylesheet. This code goes into the <head> of your HTML document.

26 April, 2012   

Code for Table Row Highlight By JavaScript

04 April, 2012   

Delphi code example for TColor to HTML color

19 June, 2012   

Adjusts the brightness of a color by a specified amount in range -255..255.

The code includes the CSS which you can add to your stylesheet and please note a class has been added to the table tag.

22 October, 2013   

Delphi example code for Hex Color to RGB Color