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Apache Code example for blocking based on User-Agent Header

Exam code to backup MySQL Database to SQL File

19 November, 2014   

Enable a link after a set period of time.

27 October, 2011   

An example to include another PHP file into a PHP script

07 March, 2011   

Shows how to upload a single file to a FTP server.

Asp code example to show the date a file was created

03 October, 2013   

Basic commands for reading a text file one line at a time.

Jave code for PDF Generation using iText JAR

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

Two simple functions to read an write tab seperated files (like CSV files, etc).

16 March, 2014   

How to create mysql table using php. The php script as follows as:

11 March, 2015   

PHP code shows how to upload images into a mysql database using

In order for this to work, you will need to copy mysqldump.exe and mysql.exe from the MySQL bin Program Files folder into the same directory as your executing PHP script. If you know the direct path to these for your server, you can use those instead.

Example htaccess snippets to remove File Extention from URLs

09 October, 2011   

This code shows how to backup a table to a CSV file.

25 October, 2012   

Java code example to fast file copy using NIO

01 August, 2013   

Example Java code for Fast File Copy using NIO

An example code of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

20 July, 2013   

Source code for Flash movie into valid XHTML

Example shown here how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.