Create Slug Snippets

Passing in a simple string of text converting it to lowercase and replacing all the spaces with a dash

04 October, 2012   

Turn a string into a readable url

24 June, 2015   

Create a table with the results from a SELECT statement.

Here are the procedure example to create table. you can call this procedure by command like : call myProc();

Here are the example to create temporary table in a procedure .

13 October, 2013   

To create 'examples' database on your MySQL server you should run the following script

16 March, 2014   

How to create mysql table using php. The php script as follows as:

19 May, 2012   

Example code to create CSV from MySQL

MS SQL triggers for automatic Create and LastModified Dates

PL/SQL code example to create and call an oracle function

How to create a splash screen for slow loading apps. below shown a Delphi code example

07 January, 2012   

ASP code example to create an Array

You may create a back button like your browser has. The following script allows the visitor to press a button and returns the him to the previous page.

04 December, 2018   

PHP Code to create Unique AlphaNumeric

23 January, 2012   

How to create a text file named newtest.txt . here shown an example ASP code

31 December, 2011   

How to create a procedure for date calculation

08 February, 2017   

Code example to create a new file under linux

The below snippet will create a MySQL user and grant them all permissions on the given database.

C source code example for using struct tm, time_t, and time to create a simple clock

I had to scan a bunch of paper documents (one image per page), and upload them all to a web site that would accept only one PDF file containing the whole set.