Delete Wordpress Revision Snippets

SQL code example to delete WordPress post revision from DB

15 September, 2012   

This will perform the action of deleting many files.

updates (svn up) a working copy and displays the changes

Here are code to rollback to a previous revision in SVN

A simple DELETE statement in MSSQL

PHP code to add sortable column to WordPress in admin area .

14 May, 2011   

This is a general code to use when deleting an item from a MySQL database. This code isn't considered definitive and can be written in many varied ways. A variation of the code would be not to delete the record (as you tend to always need to restore or retrieve it sooner or later) you can add a 'status' field. If status='d' then it is...

24 October, 2016   

You should NOT use this if you are ACTUALLY using WordPress.

19 September, 2011   

If you leave a URL in the comment form of a WordPress blog, it will be automatically transformed into a hyperlink. If you want to implement the same functionality in your own website or web app, you can use the following code:

Confirm a deletion (or any action) with Javascript.

Use the same table to query against itself. The greater then sign does the main job of returning only one records of both duplicate records.

22 January, 2012   

C++ example code for showing how to allocate and free memory

PHP’s rmdir function does not allow the deletion of a folder if it is not empty.

08 February, 2014   

How to set/get/delete Cookies

Example shown here how to preload the images with jquery in WordPress.

11 December, 2014   

C++ code snippet of simple stack using linked lists, can be used for database management system.

C++ source code for singly linked list - insert, remove, add, count

04 July, 2011   

Animation with threads by John E. Grayson

Source code for Validate Longitudinal Redundancy Checksum

15 December, 2012   

Allows you monitor how many times a link/image/banner is clicked.