Detect Internet Explorer Snippets

19 February, 2011   

Detect Internet Explorer

08 October, 2014   

JavaScript code to detect browser and OS.

12 February, 2015   

JS sniffer detects browser and OS.

02 August, 2014   

JavaScript code to detects browser and OS

24 May, 2015   

Shows how to access the navigator.* variables.

27 February, 2014   

You can quickly and easily apply transparency to any supportive element by adding the following CSS code your stylesheet:

if client is on shared internet, returns true if client is not on shared internet, returns false

Detect Javascript On/Off, With Notification: If JavaScript is on the user gets a welcome message. If off, the user is instructed to turn it on.

Example shown here how to preload the images with jquery in WordPress.

04 August, 2012   

The GetIEFavourites function called from the OnClick event of a button returns a list of all the favorites from your Internet Explorer in a ListBox.

Note that you must include the unit ExtActns in the uses clause.

22 June, 2014   

To test in other timezones, replace '-5' with your local standard time GMT offset.

25 January, 2014   

To detect if Aero Glass is enabled we must use the DwmIsCompositionEnabled function.

26 May, 2012   

Helps to find out browser version and type your website visitor is using

Here's how to check whether you are connected to the Internet.

Delphi code to check you are connected to the Internet

It's an unfortunate necessity that you need to write different code for windows sometimes or at the very least load different libraries since there is no fork(), etc. This is how you can tell.

The following code snippet shows you how to open special Explorer windows, like My Computer, Control Panel, Printers, Fonts and more... Written by Nir Sofer

This sql statement enables to detect duplicates entries over a key and creates a seq column which says which one is the sequence of the duplicates. This way you can take only the seq = 1 and still be able to identify all duplicates

Toggle a column bit regardless of state. Useful to change state without doing a query first to detect the state of the bit.