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Automatically Discover Document Links And Apply Class

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

12 March, 2017   

PHP code snippet for Automatic Mailto Links

jQuery example to prevent Anchor Links from Loading

14 July, 2014   

A few points of interest: * The HREF links use JavaScript to set a browser cookie named "style". * Since we are only setting one cookie and it's name is "style", we can read its value using "document.cookie.charAt(6)". * If no cookie is set, "StyleFile" will evaluate to "style.css". * The...

CSS code to highlight links that open in a new window

12 June, 2013   

Making your footer sticky with CSS

21 January, 2016   

CSS example for Sticky Fixed Footer

Jave code for PDF Generation using iText JAR

09 November, 2013   

Use this snippet to determine the size of an open window. Can be used in many different situations, e.g., for setting the size of a div.

CSS code example for different colors to visited/unvisited links

19 February, 2011   

Detect Internet Explorer

11 December, 2011   

CSS code example to use of text-decoration on links

23 February, 2012   

XML Code to display XML data in an HTML table

19 October, 2011   

An example to check Weekend

10 April, 2012   

Protect your web page content with JavaScript code

JavaScript Code example to protect Your Web Page Content

19 July, 2012   

PHP code to encode any email address into HTML entities so that spam bots do not find it

16 October, 2014   

When hover your mouse over a link, a small box containing contents from another page comes up. This will show the iframe with scrollbars if content (target page) is too big.

13 November, 2012   

Use this snippet to let your visitors change the background color of your Web page. Combined with a cookie, the setting could follow them through your whole site.