Display The Screen Size And The List Of Fonts Snippets

When developing applications that need to operate on files and directories it is a common task to, for example, get the list of all sub-directories for a given directory.

22 October, 2012   

Visual Basic sample source code to display all drives

20 October, 2012   

Create dynamic variables from a query or a list.

An example of a simple double linked list using OOP techniques

How to create a splash screen for slow loading apps. below shown a Delphi code example

27 May, 2015   

A very common task is converting a number of bytes into something for human digestion.

27 August, 2012   

HTML code for Standard List Navigation

03 April, 2013   

Nice little search form snippet using HTML and CSS

This is a short way of positioning display objects in a grid layout. It makes use of the modulo operator (%) to position each display object along the x axis and the floor method of the Math class for the y position. This example creates 20 instances of a custom display object called MyDisplayObject positioning each instance in a grid 5 columns...

13 December, 2012   

CSS trick to display the URL from the href attribute after each link

Get number of paragraphs in column 2 and display that number in an alert box. Including the one in the red box.

14 January, 2013   

This is a simple example of an embedded stylesheet.

20 November, 2012   

An example of embedded stylesheet. This code goes into the <head> of your HTML document.

A bug seems to occur when you add a negative margin to a list item in IE6. The background image applied to the list item gets repeated randomly and generally messes up. Add this little gem to your head to fix the problem. Remember to change the id tag to your own.

24 May, 2015   

Shows how to access the navigator.* variables.

16 April, 2012   

This CSS code will change link font-size

This allows you to do String.random_alphanumeric(num) to get a random string that is num characters long. Useful for generating random identifier keys.

Note that to add a new column to the query, just add in an input box to the HTML, the PHP generates an insert for each field.

13 April, 2017   

From the v8 design of CSS-Tricks

How to display the source code of any webpage. you can use below example code