Dynamic To Static Url Snippets

As an example, here we are redirecting http://www.yoursite.com/product.php?id=231&category=seo to http://www.yoursite.com/seo/newpage.htm

27 July, 2013   

A dynamic output array by C++ Code

19 September, 2011   

If you leave a URL in the comment form of a WordPress blog, it will be automatically transformed into a hyperlink. If you want to implement the same functionality in your own website or web app, you can use the following code:

Java code example showing here how to send HTTP request & fetching data

PHP code example for redirecting from old URL to new URL

You can use a url shortener with Twitter such as tinyurl.com

13 April, 2013   

Load and store classes for easy use and re-usability using advanced PHP object storing.

02 March, 2013   

Java code example shown here how to convert a number to words

Code example for Connecting to Oracle using Java JDBC

19 October, 2011   

An example to display Dynamic Date

22 November, 2011   

JavaScript Code to display Dynamic Date

How to dynamically update your Snippets

23 December, 2015   

It allows you to add your own fonts on the page. To convert to different formats use this service Font2Web.

Assigns the contents of a "url" to the string variable "result".

06 October, 2012   

Code for dynamic add css file in header

11 October, 2018   

C++Code Snippets to Write a character using cout

15 May, 2012   

VB.NET Code example to add dynamic css file in header

20 October, 2012   

Create dynamic variables from a query or a list.

19 February, 2013   

A small function to find the current URL of the page

02 June, 2012   

This code removes all special characters from the given URL and make it SEO friendly.