Exception Handling Snippets

Java code example showing here how to send HTTP request & fetching data

15 July, 2013   

This is a method that can be used to take a connection string and a valid oledb command and perform a scalar. This returns an Integer/Int32 value.

This example code calculates the ratio between the X and Y columns of the RATIO table.

03 November, 2012   

Example code shown here how to get value from radiobutton

Python functions are naturally polymorphic on their arguments, and checking argument types loses polymorphism

Due to the default Windows handling of the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message, the max size of the form is set to the screen size. Add a button to a form and try this:

02 October, 2012   

An example code to get value from radio button

25 August, 2012   

VB.Net code example to get value from radio button

Jave code for PDF Generation using iText JAR

The following are some useful functions to build URLs within a CGI script, for example to send a HTTP redirection header

31 October, 2011   

Declarations: Option Explicit On Imports System.Data.OleDb

25 January, 2014   

To detect if Aero Glass is enabled we must use the DwmIsCompositionEnabled function.

05 September, 2011   

This class is for simplifying and accelerating working with SQL, using this class is very simple; there is a sample below for this class, which I hope is useful.

You can define parameters with three types of parameters. 1. IN - The parameter can be referenced by the procedure or function. The value of the parameter can not be overwritten by the procedure or function. 2. OUT - The parameter can not be referenced by the procedure or function, but the value of the parameter can be overwritten by the...

Delphi's RTL ExpandUNCFilename function retrieves the full path and filename of a specified (relative) file using Universal Naming Convention for network files (thus making my *very old* custom function obsolete).

A Java example for Stateless Session Bean With Three Methods

A Java example code for Use Stateless Session Bean To PersistEntity