Find Odd Snippets

02 July, 2012   

:even and :odd (Select elements with an even index or odd index elements. The index starts from 0.)

07 February, 2011   

Check if Number is Even/Odd

30 October, 2013   

Example code showing how to make an array of files you find

30 January, 2011   

Applying Even/Odd Classes

I would like to find the position of the last occurrence of a character in a string and print every thing after that.

10 May, 2012   

CSS code example for Zebra Striping a Table

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Random Quotes

24 August, 2013   

MySQL code to find duplicate records in table

11 August, 2012   

MySQL code to find and replace string

11 December, 2012   

MySql script to find invalid email addresses

10 September, 2012   

MySql script to find invalid email addresses

13 November, 2011   

How to find records with last date of month

MySQL code to find all duplicates in a database column(s)n.

How to get returning value from a stored procedure

13 February, 2011   

Check if Checkbox is Checked

04 December, 2011   

Example of If Statement in python

13 December, 2011   

You can use to find and replace text in a variable. This script created by Bruce Phillips, one of the leading posters at MacScripter.

Finds all scene elements that belong to missing plugins, original code by Larry Minton

28 June, 2016   

JavaScript code example for Parse Zapier apps list

MySQL code to Find PHP code in database Drupal 6.x