Find Size Snippets

30 October, 2013   

Example code showing how to make an array of files you find

30 August, 2011   

Calculates the total size of a MySQL database in KB/MB or GB...

I would like to find the position of the last occurrence of a character in a string and print every thing after that.

14 February, 2012   

Use this to size an array for your values

26 April, 2015   

Recursively determines the size of a directory

24 August, 2013   

MySQL code to find duplicate records in table

11 August, 2012   

MySQL code to find and replace string

This is a PHP Class that calculates the size, number of files & folders of a specific directory.

11 December, 2012   

MySql script to find invalid email addresses

An example for Scripted Helper object plugin

19 January, 2012   

CSS code example how to Set the size of the font

08 November, 2012   

Pass the number of bytes and it automatically returns it in b,kb,mb,gb,tb or pb

28 August, 2017   

C++ source code for a simple hashtable

Get number of paragraphs in column 2 and display that number in an alert box. Including the one in the red box.

08 December, 2012   

Full screen background image using pure CSS3.

10 September, 2012   

MySql script to find invalid email addresses

13 November, 2011   

How to find records with last date of month

27 May, 2015   

A very common task is converting a number of bytes into something for human digestion.

MySQL code to find all duplicates in a database column(s)n.

14 January, 2013   

This is a simple example of an embedded stylesheet.