Free Mobile Calling Software Snippets

Here are example test calling a GUI-App through bgExec

16 October, 2012   

MySQL code example to insert multiple records with one query

11 April, 2011   

Specifications of the TOPIC database format, a standardized structure for plain text databases that's easy to read and edit in most text editors, and easy to programmatically parse as well.

22 January, 2012   

C++ example code for showing how to allocate and free memory

27 February, 2012   

An example C++ code for Font dialog demo

Delphi snippet details dynamically calling windows apis with encryption.

Procedural Programming technique shows creation of Pascal's Triangl

16 April, 2011   

There are times when you need to split a large file into several smaller ones (for whatever the purpose is). The following two methods use Delphi TStream objects to break a file into several files with predefined size; and to merge those files back to the original.

09 November, 2017   

Copies Source file to Dest file, preserving modification date. Required units: Classes, SysUtils.

02 December, 2012   

Delphi code example to extract a resource to file

Here are the Dos Batch code to Convert Video for Andriod Phone .

06 May, 2014   

This PHP script allows you to parse multiple feeds from different sources into separate pages using SimplePie class. A fast and efficient way to serve fresh content to your site as to provides the most up-to-date information to the readers.

22 February, 2016   

C/C++ source code for euler approximation method

02 April, 2012   

Delphi code example for Grayscaling A Bitmap

01 January, 2014   

Example shown here how to call a stored procedured in C#

13 July, 2011   

This example uses count to count the number of times 0 appears among v1-v3 (putting it in z1) and likewise for v4-v6 (putting the count in z2). Then, if z1 is 3, then 9999 is placed in v1-v3 using a do repeat loop. The same is done for v4-v6.

This Delphi code example shown how to add and remove a shell extension

06 July, 2013   

Converts a bitmap into an extended meta file object.

08 May, 2012   

Here shown an example for how to clone a Delphi Form

Python has no equivalent to Java's "super" keyword (so that some part of a method can be delegated to the superclass), but it's easy to get similar convenience despite Python's multiple-inheritance generality.