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11 September, 2011   

Simple example template of an Import XML

03 June, 2013   

Plots a histogram from an external file with the frequency of each bin shown above each bar. The XTick is also the intervals of the histogram.

Most today's web browsers like Firefox (Ctrl+D), Opera (Ctrl+T) and IE (Ctrl+D) provide a keyboard shortcuts to enable users bookmark their favorite pages. But if you want to provide your visitors with a "Bookmark this page" link they can click you may use the code below: It works in IE, FireFox and Opera. Clicking on the link prompts...

Code example of recommended HTML5 Beginning Mark-up

04 October, 2012   

Turn a string into a readable url

Create in dbgrid one column and insert the caption "RecNo" or other in title property. In dbgrid onDrawColumnCell event insert the following code:

11 February, 2012   

JavaScript Code to change the color of the scroll bar

25 February, 2013   

AppleScript code example for clicking menu items

20 May, 2013   

Clicking menu items using AppleScript

17 July, 2013   

Using AppleScript Clicking menu items

15 February, 2012   

PHP code to displaying the current date in an HTML page.

Add Non-Breaking Space on Title to Prevent Widows

02 August, 2015   

Useful and simple css navigation menu bar.

07 January, 2013   

MySQL code for most relevant weighted results based (MATCH AGAINST)

jQuery code example to show content based on select option.

09 March, 2011   

Default XHTML start code for designing a layout or template for your website. Great for working on several clients/projects and do not want to retype this code over and over again.

An example of HTML form control where used-password input box

25 April, 2011   

HTML5 starting point template. Used in conjunction with HTML5 CSS reset at the above link.

An example of HTML form control where used single text input box

PHP code for current Month/Day/Date with HTML colors & formatting.