Highlight Image Snippets

28 December, 2011   

Delphi Code Example for Print Screen using Quick Reports

17 February, 2019   

Missing images will either just display nothing, or display a [ ? ] style box when their source cannot be found. Instead, you may want to replace that with a "missing image" graphic that you are sure exists so there is better visual feedback that something is wrong. Or, you might want to hide it entirely. This is possible because...

15 March, 2011   

Some people are unaware that it is possible to change the color when you highlight text in your browser. It is so easy to with two selectors; just be careful you don’t ruin your site with it.

15 April, 2013   

CSS Code for Pure Rollover

22 July, 2013   

It can be useful to be able to resize images using jQuery

In order to add a splash screen to your black berry app, you need to create an XML file, name it "blackberry-tablet.xml" and place it at root level --With your Application descriptor file.

11 February, 2012   

JavaScript Code to change the color of the scroll bar

13 April, 2014   

CSS code to center image in div with overflow hidden

11 March, 2015   

PHP code shows how to upload images into a mysql database using

31 January, 2012   

Use this CSS code for frame borders and write below code between head tags

CSS code example for Diagonal Graph Paper Gradient

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

16 January, 2011   

One of the most common mistakes I see beginners and intermediates fall victim to when it comes to CSS is not removing the default browser styling. This leads to inconsistencies in the appearance of your design across browsers, and ultimately leaves a lot of designers blaming the browser. It is a misplaced blame, of course. Before you do anything...

13 April, 2013   

How to resize an image to fit in a desired space.

11 September, 2014   

Code to display the current time as a .PNG image.

Delphi code example to rotate a TBitmap at any angle

An example code using jQuery Auto Image Scroller

14 December, 2013   

The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on.

16 August, 2011   

Display an image anywhere on the screen, without using UI Builder. You can use this for other types of views as well.

10 August, 2011   

An easy way to send an HTML email with an attachment.