Highlight Links Snippets

CSS code to highlight links that open in a new window

Several hundred user notes on the str_replace page later, and we have a function that provides a variety of text highlighting options for plaintext or HTML strings.

You may use this code to highlight specific words in your displaying search results.

05 August, 2014   

PHP code example to highlight words in a string.

12 March, 2017   

PHP code snippet for Automatic Mailto Links

jQuery example to prevent Anchor Links from Loading

Automatically Discover Document Links And Apply Class

CSS code snippet for Style Links Depending on Destination

JavaScript Code example to highlight an Image on Mouseover

13 August, 2011   

If you're looking for a way to spice up your web site, this JavaScript tip may be just what you're looking for. You can use JavaScript to highlight an image when you place your mouse over it. This JavaScript tip provides a great way to highlight your navigational buttons or whatever you'd like.

26 April, 2012   

JavaScript code example for Table Row Highlight

26 April, 2012   

Code for Table Row Highlight By JavaScript

The example below shows how to produce a png image from python code, but pygments supports lexers for many other languages and its formatter classes can produce other image formats too. The ImageFormatter class allows to set various parameters of the resulting images.

CSS code example for different colors to visited/unvisited links

11 December, 2011   

CSS code example to use of text-decoration on links

26 February, 2011   

Here shown how to highlight syntax

06 June, 2012   

This function highlight_string() outputs or returns a syntax highlighted version of the given PHP code using the colors defined in the built-in syntax highlighter for PHP.

22 September, 2012   

Allows you to take a user to the previous page they were on using a button

18 September, 2012   

Attempts to close the current window. You can use it for popups

15 March, 2011   

Some people are unaware that it is possible to change the color when you highlight text in your browser. It is so easy to with two selectors; just be careful you don’t ruin your site with it.