Html Function Snippets

20 August, 2015   

Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.

Code example of recommended HTML5 Beginning Mark-up

02 December, 2012   

Delphi code example for HTML color to Delphi TColor

09 March, 2011   

Here are Doctype Template

27 August, 2012   

HTML code for Top & Bottom Halves Layout

18 October, 2012   

Meta tags allow you to provide metadata about your HTML pages. Meta tags can be very useful for search engines.

30 March, 2013   

The characters in a password field are masked (shown as asterisks or circles).

30 March, 2013   

Example HTML code to draw a border around form-data

An example of HTML form control where used-password input box

15 April, 2013   

An example code for XHTML Strict starter

An example of HTML form control where used single text input box

26 November, 2011   

In jQuery $ is an alias for jQuery, so you can use jQuery() for accessing the jQuery methods. The following code example shows how you can use other libraries with jQuery:

Several hundred user notes on the str_replace page later, and we have a function that provides a variety of text highlighting options for plaintext or HTML strings.

04 March, 2012   

The for loop is used when you know in advance how many times the script should run.

Normally index.html or index.php is the default page a server serves up when visiting a directory without specifying a file name. You can change this with .htaccess:

12 September, 2013   

Example HTML Common DOCTYPES

22 February, 2012   

HTML code for Scroll Box. this box will grows scroll bars when it's contents are too large to fit in the box.

13 November, 2012   

Use this snippet to let your visitors change the background color of your Web page. Combined with a cookie, the setting could follow them through your whole site.

15 February, 2012   

PHP code to displaying the current date in an HTML page.

24 December, 2012   

jQuery plugin code to image selection