Ie Interprets Height Snippets

15 March, 2011   

This comes down to fixing a simple, yet annoying bug in IE’s capability of handling min-height. In essence, IE interprets height as min-height, so since IE wont implement the auto height, this snippet will fix all this for us.

29 August, 2011   

An example of Cross-Browser Min Height

22 July, 2013   

It can be useful to be able to resize images using jQuery

11 January, 2012   

You can create like following code by Visual MAXScript Editor

01 April, 2011   

This sticky footer solution is working in all major browsers, including Google Chrome! It works with floated 2-column layouts and we don't get overlap in re-sized browser windows unlike older solutions you find when you Google sticky footer. And you don't need an empty push div.

06 May, 2013   

Code example for Dead Centre A DIV

11 January, 2012   

An example MAXScript opening and closing Rollout

28 November, 2011   

An example of scroll box that used to view a image

Cross Browser Vertically and Horizontally Centered Images in CSS without Tables

28 January, 2011   

Append Site Overlay DIV

27 August, 2012   

HTML code for Top & Bottom Halves Layout

05 September, 2013   

Making a transparent form. Add a Button (Button1) to a Delphi form (Form1)...

Just some funzies with CSS3 animations. If you are worried about super deep browser support, use a GIF.

02 February, 2011   

The set height and width ensure only a portion of the sprite.png graphic is shown. The rollover shifts the position of the background image, revealing a different area of the graphic.

11 February, 2011   

Center DIV with Dynamic Height

03 April, 2013   

Nice little search form snippet using HTML and CSS

Example shown here CSS + Inline Image Technique

Absolute Center (Vertical & Horizontal) an Image

07 September, 2011   

How to Center a form on the screen

28 September, 2015   

CSS code example for Horizontal-Vertical div align