Include Php File Snippets

14 February, 2011   

You'll need a of copy Simple Pie for the include right at the top here.

Code example using PHP to add/ remove nodes from an XML file

05 April, 2014   

PHP code to take web screenshots. You can get your application key and secret by registering at

Example htaccess snippets to remove File Extention from URLs

07 April, 2013   

A simple example code for user login with a login form and database query

01 October, 2013   

This php code for mail someone from your code

22 January, 2011   

The example here is if you had a form on a website that when submitted, needed to use that information to go to a special URL where the login information was all appeneded to the URL. You could have the form post with method GET, but that is limited to the typical ?variable=foo&variable2=bar format.

PHP’s rmdir function does not allow the deletion of a folder if it is not empty.

30 August, 2015   

Loads the contents of a dir an sorts them by the date of creation.

Java code example to list the Files or Subdirectories in a Directory

13 April, 2011   

Connecting to a MySQL database to make the data from the database available in your Web application, can be done in many different ways. Here are two often used methods.

Java code for listing files or sub-directories in a directory

15 September, 2012   

This will perform the action of deleting many files.

14 August, 2016   

All of the XOR encryption algorithms

To create the formatter paste this code into a new file and name it sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatterDefList.class.php. I saved it in /lib but it also makes sense to put it in /lib/form, depending on your personal preference.

06 June, 2012   

This function highlight_string() outputs or returns a syntax highlighted version of the given PHP code using the colors defined in the built-in syntax highlighter for PHP.

11 March, 2015   

PHP code shows how to upload images into a mysql database using

10 August, 2011   

An easy way to send an HTML email with an attachment.

C code example for useful macros, functions and tricks

How to serve configuration settings from a config.ini file