Insert Data In Mysql Db Snippets

09 May, 2011   

This is a general code to use when inserting an item from a MySQL database. This code isn't considered definitive and can be written in many varied ways. An extention of this code would be to make sure the entry you are adding to the database doesn't already exist (to save dupicate entries). Note: This code requires you to connect to the MySQL...

Note that to add a new column to the query, just add in an input box to the HTML, the PHP generates an insert for each field.

16 October, 2012   

MySQL code example to insert multiple records with one query

29 December, 2012   

Example MySql code to append Data to Field in MySql

11 July, 2013   

Help manage mysql database common task

13 April, 2011   

Connecting to a MySQL database to make the data from the database available in your Web application, can be done in many different ways. Here are two often used methods.

13 October, 2013   

To create 'examples' database on your MySQL server you should run the following script

05 April, 2015   

A simple PHP script that outputs data into formatted columns.

C++ source code for singly linked list - insert, remove, add, count

23 October, 2012   

MySQL code example for sorting data in a GRID

02 November, 2014   

The RETURNING clause was implemented as part of the Oracle 10g release and is used to return information about the effected rows after issuing Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements.

A simple INSERT statement in MSSQL with the various types of values.

19 May, 2012   

Example code to load CSV back into mySQL

30 August, 2011   

Calculates the total size of a MySQL database in KB/MB or GB...

Make a MySQL Database called "db" with a table named "variables" with three rows ("id", "title", and "content"). Insert your data. Then call the page by going variables.php?id=1 etc.

Example shown here how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

An example code of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

24 July, 2013   

An example of how to use the mysql_real_escape_string

Nice example of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.

29 April, 2013   

Saving the IP as Int we save a lot of space and permit do beautiful selects