Integer Arrays Snippets

Example code for a short BubbleSort algoritm for Integer Arrays

15 November, 2011   

Source code of C/C++ program, showing how to work with arrays.

06 August, 2012   

Showing how to work with dynamically allocated arrays

02 March, 2013   

How to resize an array in Java

01 April, 2015   

PHP code example for using the array_walk function to format an array.

13 February, 2014   

Just got inspired last night and decided to start a class to get the screen in "blocks" and check which one has changed to update only those.

12 August, 2012   

Simple but utilitarian function returns a numeric array of associative arrays containing an entire result set.

Convert a coordinate (x,y) into the index for a 1D array. For example, the coordinate (3,1) would be at array index 8 if there are 5 columns. Assumption: Arrays start at 0.

09 July, 2011   

How to sort array in smarty template? Create sort modifier file and save it in smarty / plugins with modifier.sortby.php name use this modifier in smarty template like... {foreach item=item key=key from=$users|@sortby:"firstname"} {$}-{$item.firstname} {/foreach}

Example for using thousand separator (,) for decimal integer numbers

Example for using thousand separator (,) for decimal integer numbers

06 February, 2013   

Delphi code for Hexadecimal to Integer

C code example for useful macros, functions and tricks

28 April, 2011   

Over the years I have made quite a few software programs in Delphi, and inevitably I have also come up with many useful functions. Most of them I have never published on the Internet before, now I would like to list on blog. Part 1 are functions for managing integer or real numbers, they were written very early in 1997.

03 December, 2013   

Delphi code to return type of drive that contains the given (full) path.

20 March, 2018   

Converts the given hexadecimal string to an integer.

17 October, 2011   

Just create a new module called modEnumWindows in your project and copy this code into it. The function getWindowList does the trick.

22 November, 2015   

To print out all possible subsets in lexicographic order

10 November, 2012   

It will return a string of words to represent the integer part of this value.

12 March, 2013   

Delphi code example to draw a gradient line