Javascript Function Snippets

03 June, 2013   

Plots a histogram from an external file with the frequency of each bin shown above each bar. The XTick is also the intervals of the histogram.

19 April, 2016   

A simple method that generates a MD5 hash from a given string. It should be compatible with PHP's md5() function (just lowercase the string).

13 February, 2013   

Place line numbers in text output format using CSS and PHP

16 January, 2013   

Example for adding items into combo by using Win32 API. Written by Nir Sofer

Change Graphics Based on Season

18 February, 2011   

Change Graphics Based on Season

14 February, 2011   

Build a Calendar Table

07 April, 2013   

Search a body of text for the most common words

13 April, 2011   

Connecting to a MySQL database to make the data from the database available in your Web application, can be done in many different ways. Here are two often used methods.

26 December, 2012   

Email regex validation with MX check and communication. Sample code included. Returns bool valid code, bool condition code and str message.

07 April, 2013   

A simple example code for user login with a login form and database query

20 July, 2015   

This example shows how to serialize a simple object by using the XmlSerializer.

26 December, 2011   

Example PHP code to navigate calender in HTML pages

C code example for useful macros, functions and tricks

Source code for Trigonometry Table made

Displays the text message associated with the numerical error codes returned by the GetLastError api function.