Jquery Class Snippets

07 March, 2013   

This simple and handy jQuery filter return a single random item from a selection of items. Credit to Waldek Mastykarz

26 November, 2011   

In jQuery $ is an alias for jQuery, so you can use jQuery() for accessing the jQuery methods. The following code example shows how you can use other libraries with jQuery:

Code snippet to remove class after delay in jQuery.

jQuery code example to show content based on select option.

jQuery example code to add image to browser cache

Example shown here how to preload the images with jquery in WordPress.

20 August, 2015   

Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.

14 February, 2017   

jQuery doesn't really have an .hasAttr() function. You might assume that it does, but alas, it does not.

How to add jQuery and Snippet to your HTML document

An example code using jQuery Auto Image Scroller

04 January, 2014   

Example shows how to set Interval and set Timeout in jQuery

24 April, 2012   

Example shown here how to Create A Nested Filter

Basic XHTML 1.0 layout which includes basic layout structure and is prepared for jQuery. On load a 'js' class is added to the root element in order to nicely handle graceful degradation if JS is disabled and prevent flickering if JS is enabled.

24 December, 2012   

jQuery plugin code to image selection

jQuery example code for extract hyperlinks with specific href

24 April, 2012   

Example shown here how to Reuse Your Element Searches

An example of Strict Textmate Template

Example source code for function pointer to member function of class

C++ code snippet for function pointer to member function of class

14 May, 2014   

Html Code example for hCalendar