Jump Menu Snippets

06 March, 2012   

An example code for JavaScript Jump Menu

30 January, 2013   

JQueryUI Search Auto complete Jump Menu with data from remote URL

25 February, 2013   

AppleScript code example for clicking menu items

17 July, 2013   

Using AppleScript Clicking menu items

20 May, 2013   

Clicking menu items using AppleScript

04 July, 2011   

Here are the Python code Checkbox menu

28 January, 2012   

JavaScript Code example to choose a page and Jump

02 August, 2015   

Useful and simple css navigation menu bar.

02 August, 2012   

CSS Clay Bricks Menu by Dynamic Drive

11 September, 2016   

Website won't display in a frameset. Site will jump out of the frameset.

02 August, 2012   

An example of a horizontal CSS menu

A Template for building OpenGL applications using GLUT.

22 February, 2016   

C/C++ source code for euler approximation method

13 October, 2012   

You need to give each element a sequentially numbered tab index value in order for this script to work properly.

If you want to react on user maximizing or minimizing a Delphi form, use the code.

Source code - binary addition using stack in STL

An example code for Delphi function to check drive letter to see if its valid

The JavaScript is just a function called redirect, and is requesting that a variable be passed to it.

20 July, 2013   

Source code for Flash movie into valid XHTML

An example code of how to best insert a flash movie into an XHTML document.