Listing Files Snippets

Java code for listing files or sub-directories in a directory

Java code example to list the Files or Subdirectories in a Directory

MySQL code example showing how to SELECT within a SELECT (a subselect).

03 August, 2013   

ColdFusion code for upload files to directory

15 November, 2012   

If one of the input values is zero, then the program will end with an error code of "1" in the job control card listing following the execution of the program. Normal output will be one line printed with A, B, C, and AREA. No specific units are stated.

This is a PHP Class that calculates the size, number of files & folders of a specific directory.

AppleScript Snippet to show hidden files in Terminal

20 June, 2013   

How to select between two dates using MySQL code

18 September, 2013   

PHP example for listing directory contents

17 October, 2011   

Copying Folders With All Contents Including Other Folders. 2010 does not have a built in code to copy full folders with their contents but only files(one by one)!!! But you can do it by this code

16 April, 2011   

There are times when you need to split a large file into several smaller ones (for whatever the purpose is). The following two methods use Delphi TStream objects to break a file into several files with predefined size; and to merge those files back to the original.

15 September, 2012   

This will perform the action of deleting many files.

30 October, 2013   

Example code showing how to make an array of files you find

Two simple functions to read an write tab seperated files (like CSV files, etc).

05 February, 2011   

Link to CSS files: You essentially hotlink directly to CSS files on Google. Through URL parameters, you specificity which fonts you want, and what variations of those fonts.

Delphi's RTL ExpandUNCFilename function retrieves the full path and filename of a specified (relative) file using Universal Naming Convention for network files (thus making my *very old* custom function obsolete).

How to parse a token list into functors (structured terms) in Prolog. The book "Logic in Prolog" by Gibbins has some good example code See, listing 9 for the little language

24 June, 2014   

For downloading very large files (10 meg or more), split the file into chunks when sending.

Oracle 10G has enhanced the flashback feature further and has turned it into a much more powerful feature by introducing a number of additional function. Some of the more common ones are discussed here. - Flashback Table - Flashback Drop - Flashback Database

11 February, 2013   

File inputs can have an attribute of "multiple" which then allows multiple files to be selected in the file section dialog box.