Php Pie Usage Script Snippets

14 February, 2011   

You'll need a of copy Simple Pie for the include right at the top here.

Have you ever wanted to know how much memory one of your PHP scripts uses when it runs? You might want this information if your script has a memory leak or takes a long time to execute. If that's the case then there's a great built-in function called memory_get_usage, which will display the exact amount of memory being used by your script. This...

27 October, 2011   

An example to include another PHP file into a PHP script

This example code showing how to use PHP Functions to clean User Input

07 December, 2011   

Php code to guessing a number using in html page

16 March, 2014   

How to create mysql table using php. The php script as follows as:

04 March, 2012   

The for loop is used when you know in advance how many times the script should run.

Confirm a deletion (or any action) with Javascript.

19 November, 2014   

Enable a link after a set period of time.

15 September, 2012   

This script shows how to redirect to a specific site.

06 June, 2012   

This function highlight_string() outputs or returns a syntax highlighted version of the given PHP code using the colors defined in the built-in syntax highlighter for PHP.

09 February, 2013   

Very simple small code to generate random password

26 January, 2012   

A code example of JScript XSLT Script Block

This function will not recurs subdirectories - it will only return a list of sub folder on the "first" level.

06 May, 2013   

Code example for Month Day Year Dropdown

12 July, 2012   

PHP MySQL code to select row randomly fast

26 November, 2011   

In jQuery $ is an alias for jQuery, so you can use jQuery() for accessing the jQuery methods. The following code example shows how you can use other libraries with jQuery:

This is a PHP Class that calculates the size, number of files & folders of a specific directory.

13 November, 2012   

Creating and maintaining an effective JavaScript toolbox can greatly reduce development time. This script will show you how to include specific snippet modules on individual pages.

27 May, 2013   

Example shows here how to compress CSS with PHP