Rectangle Collision Detection Snippets

18 February, 2015   

Example code snippets for Rectangle Collision Detection

15 December, 2014   

Example code for Rectangle Collision Detection

26 November, 2018   

Cross-browser method for testing for pop-up blockers.

The .NET Framework doesn't support automatic detection of character encoding in the default file I/O methods. This is a quick function that returns True in the specified file is Unicode.

As the most important building block of any Delphi application, the TForm object is most of the times used as is. Delphi's TForm object provides enough properties and events to help you do (and control) whatever needed with it. Sometimes you'll find out that a few events or properties are missing... Try creating a simple form application. Now...

Scribble an applet of intermediate complexity, used as an example in the introductory chapter. Click and scribble in the window.