Remove Duplicated Lines Snippets

13 October, 2015   

This function removes all duplicated lines of the given text file.

This MATLAB code snippet reads in a file stored in the current directory and stores specified lines from the file in a new cell array for manipulation in MATLAB.

29 July, 2015   

Apache code example shows how to remove .php from URL

Example htaccess snippets to remove File Extention from URLs

JavaScript code snippet to Remove the Last Character from a String

Code snippet to remove class after delay in jQuery.

How to display the source code of any webpage. you can use below example code

Here is code to emove a specific character from the end of a Excel cell. Replace 'A1' with the cell and '-' with the character you want to remove. I found it very useful.

A Java example for Stateless Session Bean With Three Methods

This is a very common PHP question of HOW TO remove last character from string in PHP. Find below some ways how to delete last character from string in PHP.

13 February, 2013   

Place line numbers in text output format using CSS and PHP

Code example using PHP to add/ remove nodes from an XML file

11 September, 2014   

Code to display the current time as a .PNG image.

19 May, 2012   

Example code to create CSV from MySQL

19 May, 2012   

Example code to load CSV back into mySQL

Simple way to do the opposite of what the nl2br() function does- turns breaks () into new lines.

22 February, 2018   

MySQL Code Snippets to Export Table to File CSV

09 July, 2013   

Show user's IP Address using a few lines of code, Place the code where you want the IP address to appear:

05 March, 2017   

To add a "space" to the dock in OS X, open up and enter this. Enter it as many times as you want spaces. Error on too many, they are easy to remove. by Chris Coyier

17 February, 2014   

Add the following lines in your Java code