Removes Special Characters Snippets

This allows you to do String.random_alphanumeric(num) to get a random string that is num characters long. Useful for generating random identifier keys.

29 March, 2014   

How to convert strings to lowercase characters, and then clean them up for use in scripts, etc.

17 July, 2013   

This one creates a back of the current workbook.

IE 6 and below get a special stylesheet with stripped down basic-but-still-nice styling

30 March, 2013   

The characters in a password field are masked (shown as asterisks or circles).

10 June, 2017   

C++ source code useful string functions

23 February, 2015   

Some example useful C code of string functions

08 June, 2013   

Checks if the given encoding supports all the characters in the given string

22 April, 2013   

Code for adding and positioning multiple charts in a worksheet

PL/SQL functions returns a scalar value and PL/SQL procedures return nothing. Both can take zero or more number of parameters as input or output. The special feature about PL/SQL is that a procedure/function argument can be of input (indicating the argument is read-only), output (indicating the argument is write-only) or both (both readable and...

A Template for building OpenGL applications using GLUT.

Many applications, such as CuteFTP and Outlook Express, allows you to enter a password and use it when it is needed. However, if you forget your password, you cannot see it, because it's hidden behind asterisks ('****') characters. The following code snippet scans all windows on the screen and reveals the passwords behind the asterisks...

If you want to interact with the popular social messaging site, you’ll enjoy this function for sure, which will allow you to truncate your message to 140 characters.

This is a very common PHP question of HOW TO remove last character from string in PHP. Find below some ways how to delete last character from string in PHP.

22 January, 2011   

The example here is if you had a form on a website that when submitted, needed to use that information to go to a special URL where the login information was all appeneded to the URL. You could have the form post with method GET, but that is limited to the typical ?variable=foo&variable2=bar format.

28 June, 2012   

Function to generate soundex code for any string (usually a name). Conforms to Knuth's algorithm and the common Perl implementation.

27 February, 2012   

An example C++ code for Font dialog demo

C Code snippet for Dynamically Allocating a Multidimensional Array

Simple singly linked lists example usage; it is only one of many possible implementations

11 April, 2011   

Specifications of the TOPIC database format, a standardized structure for plain text databases that's easy to read and edit in most text editors, and easy to programmatically parse as well.