Repeat Background Image Snippets

18 February, 2012   

CSS code example for a background image repeat vertically (y-axis), horizontally (x-axis), in both directions, or in neither direction.

CSS Code example : how to repeat a background image only horizontally.

08 December, 2012   

Full screen background image using pure CSS3.

15 April, 2013   

CSS Code for Pure Rollover

08 February, 2012   

CSS code example for Image Preloading

02 February, 2011   

The set height and width ensure only a portion of the sprite.png graphic is shown. The rollover shifts the position of the background image, revealing a different area of the graphic.

A bug seems to occur when you add a negative margin to a list item in IE6. The background image applied to the list item gets repeated randomly and generally messes up. Add this little gem to your head to fix the problem. Remember to change the id tag to your own.

Absolute Center (Vertical & Horizontal) an Image

05 January, 2012   

You need to nest one element inside the other to add full length side border using images

13 July, 2011   

This example uses count to count the number of times 0 appears among v1-v3 (putting it in z1) and likewise for v4-v6 (putting the count in z2). Then, if z1 is 3, then 9999 is placed in v1-v3 using a do repeat loop. The same is done for v4-v6.

15 April, 2012   

PHP code example for an image CAPTCHA.

How to display visitors IP in an Image using PHP

05 December, 2012   

Instead of providing a traditional address to the image, the image file data is base64-encoded and stuffed within the src attribute. Doing so saves a network request for each image, and prevent exposure of directory paths. Please note that IE7 and below are not compatibles with data URIs.

24 November, 2011   

Advanced background example by CSS

13 February, 2013   

PHP Code example for ASCII CAPTCHA

02 June, 2011   

This is your most basic version of an image CAPTCHA.

CSS code example for Diagonal Graph Paper Gradient

02 April, 2017   

Last name matches the user input and returns their phone and email information

05 January, 2012   

A simple dashed border effect by CSS

30 August, 2012   

CSS code example for stylish submit buttons