Select Elements Snippets

CSS code example for Clickable Elements a Pointer Cursor

02 July, 2012   

:even and :odd (Select elements with an even index or odd index elements. The index starts from 0.)

* Code to generate spiral matrix for n elements where n >= 1 * To generate spiral matrix for n elements just * Change the value of MAX to whatever u want :)

C+ source code for Generate a spiral matrix for n elements

13 February, 2011   

Check for Empty Elements

C code snippet for merging sort algorithm to sort

20 March, 2012   

HTML code example for Style HTML elements

Sometimes it's desirable to change a style of the first and/or last elements in a container. You can do this by manually applying classes to your HTML elements: ("last-child" still not supported in IE8).

13 October, 2012   

You need to give each element a sequentially numbered tab index value in order for this script to work properly.

Example code for merge sort of an integer list

15 November, 2016   

Add this to the Flash embed code

21 December, 2013   

Great page for testing the style guide for a website.

10 June, 2013   

A function that returns an array of elements based on DOM element, tag, and class name. For instance, getElementsByClassName(document, 'tr', 'info') will return an array of all "tr" tags under the document node having the "info" class.

17 September, 2014   

PHP example code for using MySQL and a contact form to allow a group of users on a site to contact each other safely.

MySQL code example showing how to SELECT within a SELECT (a subselect).

30 November, 2014   

Mysql code example for Regular Expression SELECT statement

Example code for a short BubbleSort algoritm for Integer Arrays

24 April, 2012   

Example shown here how to Create A Nested Filter

09 May, 2011   

This is a general code to use when selecting an item from a MySQL database. This code isn't considered definitive and can be written in many varied ways. Note: This code requires you to connect to the MySQL database to work. Also, all field and table names need to be set up to match. This MYSQL Code using in PHP

19 September, 2013   

Function to test for the existence of at least 1 matching row, without having to count them all!