Send Email From Trigger In Sql Server Snippets

Whenever a row is inserted in the Customers Table, the following trigger will be executed.

The mail() function allows you to send emails directly from a script.

14 August, 2012   

PHP code to validate email

MS SQL triggers for automatic Create and LastModified Dates

02 June, 2011   

This will check an email, to see if it is in a valid format.

01 October, 2013   

This class has lots of common functionality built right into it. It also supports Mysql and Sphinx.

23 April, 2011   

Below is a basic feedback form script 'feedback.asp'. You can add your own validation. Once the visitor has filled in all the form textfields an email will be sent with the feedback details including the date and time and the visitor's IP address to the email specified in the script.

19 July, 2012   

E-mail validation is perhaps the most used validation in web forms, this code will validate email address and also optionally check the MX records of the domain provided in email address to make email validation more robust.

30 December, 2010   

Class to back up entire databases and email them out, or individual tables

09 February, 2011   

Class to back up entire databases and email them out, or individual tables.

15 June, 2011   

This code will show IPhone UIActionSheet

17 September, 2014   

PHP example code for using MySQL and a contact form to allow a group of users on a site to contact each other safely.

19 July, 2012   

PHP code to encode any email address into HTML entities so that spam bots do not find it

This basic snippet will create a random authentication code, or just a random string.

02 November, 2016   

A PHP template for dealing with any sort of error

09 February, 2013   

There are websites that will watch a page for you and notify but I didn't really like the way they worked.

01 October, 2013   

This php code for mail someone from your code

11 December, 2012   

MySql script to find invalid email addresses

26 December, 2012   

Email regex validation with MX check and communication. Sample code included. Returns bool valid code, bool condition code and str message.

10 August, 2011   

An easy way to send an HTML email with an attachment.